What We Offer


Row Boat

Enjoy your day out on the Waita Reservoir with a good book or a fishing pole! The historic Waita reservoir bordered by majestic Mt. Haupu provide the perfect atmosphere.


Paddle Boat

A leisurely aquatic stroll around the waters of the Waita Reservoir has never been easier.


Water Bike

Exciting and easy way to get some exercise while taking in the breathtaking beauty of the Waita Reservoir and the surrounding Black Mountain range.



Travel to the far side of the Historic Waita Reservoir, to the docks, Waita-Gi, or enjoy catch and release fishing at secluded areas.



Stand up paddle boards provide exercise as well as a relaxing way to view the beauty of Waita Reservoir.


Fishing Poles

Fish from your preferred non-motorized vehicle or relax on the docks for some catch and release. Peacock Bass, Large and small mouth bass, and Talapia live in the waters of the historic Waita Reservoir.

What We're All About

Looking for an unforgettable place to spend the day with family and friends?

Acua Park Adventures provides history, entertainment, and some of the most breathtaking views on the island of Kauai. Located in Koloa on the magnificent Waita reservoir, Acua Park Adventures delivers a multitude of non-motorized water vehicles to explore the beauty of Hawaii’s largest body of fresh water.