Our History

It has always been the dream to offer a tour that focuses on the beauty of the fresh water reservoir located on this stunning private plantation land.

The Waita Reservoir is situated next to the Black Mountain Range and Mt. Haupu in Koloa, Kauai HI. Constructed in 1906, the Waita Reservoir was used as the primary water source for the Koloa Sugar Plantation. Expanded in 1931 to include 525 acres, it holds 23 billion gallons of water.

The Waita reservoir is fed from the Waiahi-Kuia Aqueduct system. Waita is home to a host of wildlife such as Muscovy ducks, Hawaiian Coots, Hawaiian Gallinule, Stilts, Pheasant, Hawaiian boar, and jungle fowl (chickens). The reservoir also hosts large mouth bass, small mouth bass, Peacock bass, Tilapia, and Koi. The koi found in Waita are what remain from the Japanese camp during the plantation days.