Waita Water Package

Row Boat, Paddle Boat, Water Bike, Kayak, SUP and Fishing!

Join Us For Adventure!

Some of the most stunning views on the south shore

  • Waita reservoir is a photographic banquet waiting to be captured by the discerning lens. Relax on the shores or SUP out to the fringes of the reservoir to discover the flora and fauna of Kauai’s south shore.

Family Friendly Fun

  • Your choice of non-motorized vehicles for a multitude of fun for everyone in the Ohana! Stand from the shore to catch and release fish or admire the canoe plants along the water’s edge in a kayak. Children 5 and up will enjoy the various activities Acua has to offer.

Historic Land

  • Plantation life once hummed through the veins of this 22,000-acre farm. Waita reservoir provided the water source for the immense amounts of sugar grown here and is a monumental piece of Hawaii’s plantation past.

Fish from the past

  • The Japanese plantation workers built beautiful gardens near their plantation camps. When the plantation era gave way to a more modern commerce, the land claimed what was hers. The camps were demolished, and gardens over grown by Kauai’s flora. The beautiful Koi fish ponds were integrated with what is now Waita reservoir. Many visitors have seen the ancient Koi fish frolicking within the waters.

Get into the interior of Kauai

  • Take a trip off the beaten path away from the crowded beaches! Enjoy an afternoon of freshwater exploration. Waita reservoir is located on private property only accessible to our guests. View the mountainous jungle backdrop of movies such as Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.

Package includes shared use of:

  • Row Boat– Enjoy your day out on the Waita Reservoir with a good book or a fishing pole! The historic Waita reservoir bordered by majestic Mt. Haupu provide the perfect atmosphere.
  • Paddle Boat– A leisurely aquatic stroll around the waters of the Waita Reservoir has never been easier.
  • Water Bike– Exciting and easy way to get some exercise while taking in the breathtaking beauty of the Waita Reservoir and the surrounding Black Mountain range.
  • Kayaking– Travel to the far side of the Historic Waita Reservoir, to the docks, Waita-Gi, or enjoy catch and release fishing at secluded areas.
  • SUP– Stand up paddle boards provide exercise as well as a relaxing way to view the beauty of Waita Reservoir.
  • Fishing Poles– Fish from your preferred non-motorized vehicle or relax on the docks for some catch and release. Peacock Bass, Large and small mouth bass, and Talapia live in the waters of the historic Waita Reservoir.